Long-term value preservation for your savings

26. January 2022

By Markus Ursprung / Published on various media platforms

The RealUnit is a real alternative to savings accounts. By investing in real assets, you can protect your saving against inflation and loss of value.

For years, savings in bank accounts have hardly earned any interest, and large credit balances have even been charged negative interest. Bonds or investment instruments with a high degree of security also hardly yield any returns. Meanwhile, prices for everyday goods are rising and inflation is increasingly among the top stories in the news.

Value protection through real assets

Those who leave their money in their bank account have to watch their hard-earned savings lose value over time. Use our Inflation calculator to see much your own savings are affected by inflation and how much purchasing power you stand to lose over time. Investors can protect themselves, however, by investing in real, scarce assets, such as gold, over the long term. In this way, they maintain the purchasing power of their money and generate reasonable returns.

Value retention and crisis resistance

The main objective of the RealUnit is to preserve the purchasing power of the assets and to protect them from crises. The funds are therefore largely invested in real, physical assets, the majority of which is held outside the banking system. This increases crisis resistance and protects the assets in the most effective way.

Precious metals and robust Swiss equities

In terms of investments, the focus is on gold, silver and other precious metals, as well as investments in mainly Swiss companies with solid balance sheets and sustainable earnings. The composition is dynamically adjusted depending on the market situation so that the company invests in the most crisis-proof, value-preserving and liquid way possible at all times.

Safe investment with reasonable return

The performance target of the RealUnit is to outpace the growth of Switzerland’s gross domestic product. In the last four fiscal years, the average investment return was 1.60% per year.

Co-owner, not only investor

With the IPO of RealUnit Schweiz AG in November 2021, this investment option is now open to all private investors and companies domiciled in Switzerland. RealUnit Schweiz AG is an investment company. By purchasing RealUnit shares, you indirectly participate in the real assets the company owns.

A cloudy outlook

During times of great economic uncertainty and market turbulence and when the path forward is unclear, it is wise to rely on experts. The RealUnit’s investment philosophy has been tried and tested over many years and is based on decades of experience.

A real alternative to savings accounts

The RealUnit aims to increase protection against inflation and the loss of purchasing power. It provides private individuals with a stable way to achieve tax-free capital gains and is intended to ensure long-term value preservation, especially in times of crisis. This means that savers can once again be among the winners.

More information

At realunit.ch/inflation-protection you will find additional information on how investing in real assets can protect your savings from inflation and the loss of value in the long term.



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