The RealUnit solution

The solution

Our idea: thinking in terms of real value

We believe that one of the main problems we face today is that the current financial and monetary system is decoupled from the real economy. Consequently, the solution is to bring the two back together.

Money must be anchored to assets that have a connection to the real economy if its core functions are to be permanently preserved and if today’s aberrations are to be rectified.
Following the introduction of the euro, we thought long and hard about different possibilities and considered various ways of backing a currency. The “RealUnit” emerged as the most effective, efficient and sustainable. We became convinced that an optimal currency should be backed not only by gold, but rather by productive capital goods that are important to the underlying economy.

The concept of the RealUnit is therefore based on the idea that a stable currency should be backed by capital goods that ideally move in lockstep with the real economy. The results would be more stable money and more tame, smoother business cycles – both developments being in the interest of the general public.

"Our goal at RealUnit is to protect the assets entrusted to us in the best possible way against crises and loss of purchasing power."


Dani Stüssi, CEO RealUnit Schweiz AG

value preservation

What do we mean by value stability?

The RealUnit is based on the idea that the real value of a currency can only be maintained if it can (at least) keep up with the economy on a long-term average basis.

This allows the currency holders to consume the same share of the economy over time, thus ensuring the preservation of real purchasing power. At the same time, such a store of value leads to a smoothing of business cycles and thus to a stabilization of the national economy.

Unser physisches Gold wird in Atombunkern sicher verwahrt.

increased crisis resistance

Performance comparison

Increased crisis resistance and behavior during strong stock market corrections: Performance comparison, RealUnit vs Swiss balanced funds

Sources: Bloomberg, BFS, SNB und RealUnit Schweiz AG, 31.03.2024 / The RealUnit investment strategy has been implemented in various forms since 2000. 2000-2009: RealUnit backtesting calculations, 2010-2017: Swiss investment fund, 2017-2024: RealUnit Schweiz AG. The average of the largest funds of Swiss banks with a ‹Balanced› strategy serves as a comparison

The RealUnit’s investment strategy has been continuously tested, adjusted and optimized over the span of two decades. Its performance clearly shows that the RealUnit, with its focus on real assets such as precious metals and the hedging of equity investments, offers significantly better value preservation in times of crisis than the average of the largest Swiss balanced-strategy funds, even in the event of sharp corrections in the stock markets. It’s crisis resilience was successfully demonstrated during three strong stock market corrections:

1. The financial crisis 2008/2009: In contrast to comparable funds with a balanced strategy (-26.44%), the RealUnit suffered a much smaller loss (-12.16%) and also rebounded to its pre-crisis level much faster (after 24 months, compared to 76 months).

2. The covid pandemic 2020: The funds recovered from their massive drop in April 2020 and recorded a performance of Ø +1.63% in 2020. The RealUnit, on the other hand, delivered a much higher annual return of +4.82% in this crisis year.

3. Ukraine War in H1 2022: Rising inflation worldwide and the outbreak of the war triggered another correction in the markets. The RealUnit again proved crisis-resistant with a loss of only -4.20% in H1 2022. The benchmark funds lost 16.67% in value during the same period.

Our defensive risk-return approach is not suitable for investors who want to get rich quick, but for investors who appreciate real asset ownership and seek long-term value preservation.

Dani Stüssi, Managing Director RealUnit Schweiz AG


Core properties of the RealUnit

  • Protection of private property

    The protection of RealUnit owners' investments is our top priority. Switzerland has historically had an excellent track record in protecting private property.

  • Real assets

    The coverage of the RealUnit is oriented towards real values. We always hold at least 60% in real assets.

  • Swiss custody

    In order to be able to operate under stable conditions, we hold the majority of our financial investments within the independent currency area of Switzerland.

  • Independence from the state

    A large part of the national debt is a kind of prepaid tax. We therefore do not hold any government debt as a matter of principle. The same idea applies to bank securities, whose issuers we regard as an extension of the state.

  • Governance

    The decisive factor is our company structure. Each share and share token owner may attend and vote at the Annual General Assembly.

  • Protection against loss of purchasing power

    The value of money in a bank account with 0% interest gradually decreases as the prices of scarce goods, such as land, commodities, and precious metals, increase due money supply expansion. The RealUnit invests mostly in these scarce goods and thus does not lose purchasing power in the long term.

  • Direct ownership

    Each shareholder indirectly holds a part of the assets of RealUnit Schweiz AG due to their participation in the company through their bearer and registered shares. The company itself holds physical precious metals and other assets directly and therefore has direct access to them even in times of crisis.

  • Transfer in tokens

    Shareholders of RealUnit Schweiz AG can choose to hold their shares in the form of tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. These RealUnit tokens will be transferred to their Ethereum wallet, allowing them to be stored outside of the banking system and also to be used as a medium of exchange in the event of a crisis.

  • Crisis Resistance

    Due to the fragility of today's financial and monetary system, we hold at least 50% of assets outside the banking system. Assets that we are required to hold within the banking system are in most cases not part of the corresponding bank balance sheets (special assets).

Our vision

"The RealUnit is a popular store of value and means of payment due to its stability, security and tradability."

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