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Current NAV* in CHF

*The NAV is the net asset value. The Company has taken the greatest possible care in calculating the current indicative NAV. Nevertheless, the indicative NAV may differ from the actual price. This may occur due to the following factors, among others: Accounting accruals may be based on assumptions in certain cases (e.g., accrued costs); price data of certain assets (e.g., those without a secondary market or illiquid assets) may not be updated on a daily basis; and it cannot be ruled out that, due to technical errors, temporarily incorrect, incomplete data or no price data can be fed into the calculation system. The Company assumes no responsibility for the accuracy and timeliness of the indicative NAV.

Asset Allocation

  • Physical metals* (39.4%)

    - 155 kg physical gold
    - 4,895 kg physical silver
    - 13 kg physical platinum
    - Various physical industrial metals

  • Shares (27.4%)

    - Focus on listed stocks mostly from Switzerland
    - Healthy and solid companies with crisis-resistant business models and long-standing dividend policies

  • Swiss Francs (physical)* (12.0%)

    - CHF 4,500,000 in physical banknotes outside the banking system

  • Nominal assets (11.0%)

    - Short-term liquidity in bank deposits

  • Alternative investments (6.0%)

    - Unlisted stocks and alternative funds

  • Crypto (4.2%)

    - 15 Bitcoin (BTC)
    - 99 Ether (ETH) staked

*stored outside the banking system in Switzerland
Balance as of 31.03.2024

Key figures

Net asset value (NAV) and performance

NAV per share since foundation


NAV per share in CHF as of 31.12.

NAV Performance (net)*


End-of-year price

Bearer share performance


*as of 31.03.2024 (indicative)

Market Price

Bearer share

Data provided by BX Swiss AG. RealUnit Schweiz AG assumes no liability for accuracy or currentness.

Yield comparison

RealUnit price stability in the 1st half of 2022

Source: RealUnit Schweiz AG
*Average of the five largest portfolio funds of Swiss banks with Balanced strategy
**Index Swiss Corporate Bonds

Strategic investment parameters

Real assets
Strategic target minimum, as defined by investment guidelines 60%
Currently invested 73%
Outside the banking system
Strategic target minimum, as defined by investment guidelines 50%
Currently invested 52%
Corporate investments
Strategic target maximum, as defined by investment guidelines 50%
Currently invested 33%

as of 31.03.2024


RealUnit Factsheet 4rd quarter 2023

Current key figures, the largest 10 investments and the development of the RealUnit share price. Here you can find our current factsheet.


Top holdings

as % of total net assets

Stand 30.09.2023

Gold (physical) 26.65%26.65%
Cash CHF (physical) 12.05%12.05%
Silver (physical) 9.33%9.33%
AP Music Royalties Fund 3.08%3.08%
BitCoin 2.58%2.58%
Industriemetalle (physisch) 2.47%2.47%
Holcim AG 2.30%2.30%
Toyota Motor Corp 2.06%2.06%
Ovis AG 1.96%1.96%
Samsung 1.72%1.72%


Financial calendar


Publication of half-year financial statements as at 30.6.2024


Ordinary General Assembly


Publication of annual financial statements as at 31.12.23


Publication of annual financial statements as of 30.06.2023


Ordinary General Assembly


Publication of annual financial statements as of 31.12.2022
Company profile
RealUnit Schweiz AG
Schochenmühlestrasse 6
Commercial register
Legal basis
The company is subject to Swiss law
Business year
Real value retention
Investment universe
Physical precious metals and mostly Swiss property titles
Target return
> Swiss gross domestic product
Legal form
Public incorporated company
Board of Directors
Fidelis Goetz (President)
Dr. David Bodmer (Member)
Anna Muheim (Member)
Christian Zulliger (Member)
Managing Director
Dani Stüssi
Accounting and valuation
Business Trust Auctor Schwyz AG
Balmer-Etienne AG
Share category
Bearer shares (listed), registered shares (tokenized)
Reference currency


Key policies and investment parameters

  • Investment guidelines

    Our guidelines stipulate that investments should be made conservatively, whereby conservative is not to be understood as short-term nominal stability. This excludes, among other things, the use of leverage and debt instruments.

  • Swiss focus

    At least 70% of the invested capital shall in principle be invested in assets physically present and/or domiciled in Switzerland. Moreover, the custody of such assets must be with Swiss financial intermediaries that have their headquarters in the country and are not subsidiaries of foreign financial institutions. A maximum of 30% of the balance sheet is generally invested abroad.

  • Sustainability

    We strive to invest only in companies with sustainable business models. The Norwegian Government Pension Fund's exclusion list is to be used as a guide for stock selection.

  • Investable assets

    All assets that can be considered and recognized as property under Swiss law. This includes classic asset classes such as equities and commodities, but also all other investment vehicles and property titles recognized under Swiss law.

  • Real and nominal assets

    At least 60% of the invested capital must be invested in tangible assets, while at no time may more than 40% be held in nominal assets.

  • Systemic and counterparty risk

    At least 50% of all assets should be held outside the banking system, while no more than 40% should be held through the same financial intermediary.

  • Diversification

    A maximum of 50% of the invested capital may be allocated to a single asset class (e.g. equities), and a maximum of 5% may be invested with the same issuer (with the exception of bank accounts and legal tender).

More information

The RealUnit token on the Ethereum Blockchain is a digital representation of the stock with the same rights. This comes with some advantages.


Important documents for investors such as semi-annual reports, fact sheets and more.

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