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Multi-asset strategy on the blockchain

The RealUnit combines the advantages of the traditional investment world with the technology of the new century – a stable investment strategy focused on Real World Assets (RWA), offered as a share token on the blockchain. This innovative form of investment strengthens individual financial sovereignty, as the majority of real assets are held physically and stored outside the financial system in high-security vaults.

With our share token, you regain your financial freedom and take back control, as you are completely independent of banks. Be one of the first to enjoy the benefits of the RealUnit token.


The share token is 100% backed by investments in real, tangible assets

In contrast to worthless altcoins or opaque cryptocurrencies, the RealUnit is 100% backed by the real assets in its investment strategy. Tokens can be traded at any time via the website. There is also the option of direct transfer from wallet to wallet. And as an extra bonus: thanks to the recovery function, access to the assets is guaranteed even if the private keys are lost.

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More stability

Differences between the RealUnit token and Bitcoin

Bitcoin, unlike the RealUnit, is not backed by real assets. The value of a Bitcoin is highly controversial among experts and is solely influenced by the demand for a limited supply. It is therefore to be expected that, compared to Bitcoin, the performance of the RealUnit will be closer to the performance of the real economy. The target groups for Bitcoin and for the RealUnit can be determined on the basis of classic investor profiles: The RealUnit is the best suited for savers and conservative investors – Bitcoin is currently mainly for risk-taking investors.

FeaturesRealUnit-TokenBitcoin (BTC)
Store of valueyesyes
Backed by real assetsyesno
Transferable to blockchainyes (Ethereum Network)yes (in Bitcoin Network)
Money supply controlFlexible, depending on premium/discount to net asset valueFixed at max. 21 million BTC (scarcity incentive)
Focus on inflation protectionyes (through investments in returns-oriented and real, tangible assets)yes (through «Halving» every four years)
Volatilitylow, geared towards value stabilityhigh, frequent and extreme flunctuations
Price discoveryIntrinsic value of investments, Market supply and demandMarket supply and demand
GovernanceEach share or token comes with voting rights (shareholder democracy)Decentralized structures with core developers, node operators and miners

Tokens backed by real assets and cryptocurrencies

Disting­uishing features of the RealUnit share tokens

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Differenzierung REALU zu Coins

Share or share token

More information


The RealUnit token is a digital representation of the share with the same rights. Learn more about the RealUnit Schweiz AG shares here.


Buy the RealUnit stock token online here or learn how to easily purchase the traditional stock.

RealUnit token (version 2.0 since May 2022)

Technical specifications

BlockchainEthereum (
Smart Contract address0x553C7f9C780316FC1D34b8e14ac2465Ab22a090B
Token Tracker
Company wallet address0x66e17bb356d4f86da1feae8c449db0ded8ca0cd7
Brokerbot address0x99d77d8fd7e78c3d4fcc85dcca494b71ac42845e
Technical PartnerAktionariat AG, Weinbergstrasse 18, 8703 Erlenbach,
Registration agreement from 29.09.2023

RealUnit-Token (Version 1.0 available until May 2022)

Technical specifications

BlockchainEthereum (
Smart Contract address0x1b6FAB0D5FFE5967073c6E7F1e89bE00F7C59202
Token Tracker
Wallet address of the company0xc4a645f7C4b85Bb686b3806ADe5C43c5BFcBBC7E
Technical PartnerCoreLedger AG, Im alten Riet 102, 9494 Schaan, Fürstentum Liechtenstein (


Loss or theft of private key

Simplified cancellation procedure

Tokens on the following wallet addresses are subject to the simplified cancellation procedure due to (credibly claimed) loss or theft of the private key (Art. 18 Token Regulations). The simplified procedure, if successfully executed, ends with the permanent blocking of the relevant wallet address and the unlinking of the share and token (see below).

Wallet address0x4a5550b473a28b047Da25C086C9A17766D9C85Ce
Reason for the request to block the wallet addressToken in Uniswap Smart Contract technically blocked
Deadline for objections to the cancellation (from... until...)No deadline
Objection raised before the deadline ( yes / no )No objection
Permanent blocking of the wallet address ( yes / no )yes

Severance of the link between share and token

The link between share and token of the following wallet addresses has been removed – usually upon request of the token holder or after successful execution of the simplified cancellation procedure (Art. 8 Token Regulations).

Wallet AddressReason for Severance Time of Severance
0xc4a645f7c4b85bb686b3806ade5c43c5bfcbbc7eDeactivation of Token v131.05.2022
0x54ae341f8a8cc576115715a65c29d5eca133a3af Deactivation of Token v131.05.2022
0x4a5550b473a28b047Da25C086C9A17766D9C85Ce Deactivation of Token v131.05.2022

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