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The RealUnit share on the Ethereum Blockchain

In 2020, the first RealUnit tokens were created. This token, like most crypto assets, is based on the proven Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 standard token. The RealUnit token is a share token, which grants the same rights as the traditional share. Our shareholders can thus already acquire and hold their shares in the form of tokens.

This comes with some advantages:

The tokens can be stored outside the banking system in a personal wallet, and the owners have access to their RealUnit holdings at any time without relying on the company or their bank.

“Be your own bank” also comes with responsibilities. The access keys, known as private keys, must be kept safe by token holders. If you do not want to store them yourself, there are service providers who offer this professionally.

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Share or token

Differences between the RealUnit share and the RealUnit token

Differences ShareToken
Co-ownership of RealUnit Schweiz AGYesYes
Participation in General AssemblyYesYes
TradabilityYes (via BX Swiss)Yes (via Brokerbot)
Security typeBearer share as intermediated securityRegistered share as register uncertificated security*
CustodyCustody account at a bankEthereum Wallet
Custody fees0.20% - 0.35% p.a. bank custody fees no fees, when using self-custodial wallet
Accessibility On bank working days through the stock exchange24/7 via private wallet

*equal in terms of shareholder rights in Switzerland.

FAQ - Questions about the purchase of the RealUnit Token

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the RealUnit token

The term “token” refers to a unit on the blockchain. Our share tokens represent RealUnit shares registered on the Ethereum Blockchain. As a holder of RealUnit share tokens, you have the same rights as a holder of traditional shares.

  • Accessible at any time, independently of banks
  • No costs for custody when stored in your own wallet
  • Tradable 24/7
  • Transferable from wallet to wallet
  • Simple online registration for entry in the share register
  • High security thanks to the Ethereum blockchain and the recovery function
    in case of loss of the private key

For more information on share token security, please read the RealUnit Registration Agreement, available at:

No, because the issuer of the tokens, RealUnit Schweiz AG, is a central issuer. The term “cryptocurrency” refers to digital assets that are held in a decentralized database, usually a blockchain, and have no central issuer.

No, not in principle. The price of the share token is based on the intrinsic value (the Net Asset Value or NAV) of RealUnit Schweiz AG. We currently hold a position of <1% in ETH, which has a minimal impact on the NAV.

According to experts, the Ethereum blockchain is a very secure decentralized network. When you create your own wallet, you will receive a private key. This is comparable to the password for your online banking. However, if someone steals your private key, they will have access to your wallet. Likewise, if you lose your private key, you will no longer be able to access your wallet. Blockchain experts recommend using hardware wallets such as those from “Ledger”( or “Bitbox”( for the secure storage of larger sums.

The acquisition or sale of share tokens is typically associated with blockchain transaction costs (esp. gas fee on Ethereum), which are generally borne by the acquirer or the seller.

The amount of the gas fee on Ethereum can fluctuate greatly depending on how busy the blockchain is at the time (the current gas fee can be seen here ). Before confirming the transaction, your Wallet should also show you an estimate of the gas fee you are likely to be charged. If the gas fee is too high, we recommend that you execute the transaction at a later date.

No, direct conversion is not possible. However, you can sell your shares on the stock exchange and buy share tokens for the equivalent value in CHF via our automated trading platform at

The counterparty is RealUnit Schweiz AG. If you wish to trade share tokens worth more than

CHF 100’000.-, please contact us in advance via or by telephone. +41 41 761 00 90.

RealUnit tokens can be stored in an Ethereum-enabled wallet. See the following link ( for instructions on how to set up a wallet.

Yes, the tokenized RealUnit shares must be declared as assets in the tax return. Any capital gains are generally tax-free for private individuals in Switzerland. More detailed information on taxation can be found here, in FTA Circular No. 36.


The blockchain - the decentralized network without a central authority

The well-known economist Prince Michael of Liechtenstein said: “The digitalization of the economic system clears the way back to more self-determination and self-responsibility.” Blockchain technology forms the basis for this. The blockchain is considered a revolutionary gamechanger in the financial world. The main difference with the traditional banking system is that there is no need for a central database, as the data is stored on different computers in a decentralized manner. The greatest advantage of the technology lies in the immutability of digital data sets without having to rely on a centralized and thus manipulable authority. The manipulation of data stored on a blockchain is practically impossible.

More stability

Differences between the RealUnit token and Bitcoin

Bitcoin, unlike the RealUnit, is not backed by real assets. The value of a Bitcoin is highly controversial among experts and is solely influenced by the demand for a limited supply. It is therefore to be expected that, compared to Bitcoin, the performance of the RealUnit will be closer to the performance of the real economy. The target groups for Bitcoin and for the RealUnit can be determined on the basis of classic investor profiles: The RealUnit is the best suited for savers and conservative investors – Bitcoin is currently mainly for risk-taking investors.

FeaturesRealUnit-TokenBitcoin (BTC)
Store of valueyesyes
Backed by real assetsyesno
Transferable to blockchainyes (Ethereum Network)yes (in Bitcoin Network)
Money supply controlFlexible, depending on premium/discount to net asset valueFixed at max. 21 million BTC (scarcity incentive)
Focus on inflation protectionyes (through investments in returns-oriented and real, tangible assets)yes (through «Halving» every four years)
Volatilitylow, geared towards value stabilityhigh, frequent and extreme flunctuations
Price discoveryIntrinsic value of investments, Market supply and demandMarket supply and demand
GovernanceEach share or token comes with voting rights (shareholder democracy)Decentralized structures with core developers, node operators and miners

Tokens backed by real assets and cryptocurrencies

Disting­uishing features of the RealUnit share tokens

Download the table as a PDF:

Differenzierung REALU zu Coins

Share or share token

More information


The RealUnit token is a digital representation of the share with the same rights. Learn more about the RealUnit Schweiz AG shares here.


Buy the RealUnit stock token online here or learn how to easily purchase the traditional stock.

RealUnit token (version 2.0 since May 2022)

Technical specifications

BlockchainEthereum (
Smart Contract address0x553C7f9C780316FC1D34b8e14ac2465Ab22a090B
Token Tracker
Company wallet address0x66e17bb356d4f86da1feae8c449db0ded8ca0cd7
Brokerbot address0x99d77d8fd7e78c3d4fcc85dcca494b71ac42845e
Technical PartnerAktionariat AG, Weinbergstrasse 18, 8703 Erlenbach,
Registration agreement from 17.05.2022

RealUnit-Token (Version 1.0 available until May 2022)

Technical specifications

BlockchainEthereum (
Smart Contract address0x1b6FAB0D5FFE5967073c6E7F1e89bE00F7C59202
Token Tracker
Wallet address of the company0xc4a645f7C4b85Bb686b3806ADe5C43c5BFcBBC7E
Technical PartnerCoreLedger AG, Im alten Riet 102, 9494 Schaan, Fürstentum Liechtenstein (


Loss or theft of private key

Simplified cancellation procedure

Tokens on the following wallet addresses are subject to the simplified cancellation procedure due to (credibly claimed) loss or theft of the private key (Art. 18 Token Regulations). The simplified procedure, if successfully executed, ends with the permanent blocking of the relevant wallet address and the unlinking of the share and token (see below).

Wallet address0x4a5550b473a28b047Da25C086C9A17766D9C85Ce
Reason for the request to block the wallet addressToken in Uniswap Smart Contract technically blocked
Deadline for objections to the cancellation (from... until...)No deadline
Objection raised before the deadline ( yes / no )No objection
Permanent blocking of the wallet address ( yes / no )yes

Severance of the link between share and token

The link between share and token of the following wallet addresses has been removed – usually upon request of the token holder or after successful execution of the simplified cancellation procedure (Art. 8 Token Regulations).

Wallet AddressReason for Severance Time of Severance
0xc4a645f7c4b85bb686b3806ade5c43c5bfcbbc7eDeactivation of Token v131.05.2022
0x54ae341f8a8cc576115715a65c29d5eca133a3af Deactivation of Token v131.05.2022
0x4a5550b473a28b047Da25C086C9A17766D9C85Ce Deactivation of Token v131.05.2022

Important Legal Information for Investors & Confirmation of Residence

The information displayed on this website shall not, and is not intended to, constitute an offer or invitation or recommendation to hold, purchase or sell any shares or other securities in RealUnit Schweiz AG or a confirmation of a transaction or an offer to enter into a transaction. The information displayed on this website may not be used in or distributed into any relevant jurisdiction (in particular the United States and European Economic Area), where it might not be in compliance with regulatory requirements. The shares or other securities of RealUnit Schweiz AG have not been and will not be registered in any jurisdiction outside Switzerland.

The information set forth on the following website must not be distributed outside Switzerland. In other countries the public dissemination of the information contained on these internet pages may be prohibited or restricted by law. Access to this information can therefore only be granted if you are a permanent resident of Switzerland and are currently in Switzerland.

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