Real money,

backed by real assets

backed by

real assets

Inflation protection for your savings

Invest in real assets
Increased Crisis resistance &
Independence from the financial system

What does the RealUnit offer?

Purchasing power preservation

National currencies are losing purchasing power due to enormous monetary expansion by central banks.

A better way to save

An alternative to zero or negative interest rates on savings accounts and bonds.

Crisis Resistance

Value preservation in times of inflation & independence from the financial and banking system

The RealUnit

The RealUnit is a proven way of preserving purchasing power over the long term. It is predominantly backed by real assets, such as precious metals or investments in companies with strong balance sheets and sustainable earnings. At least half of the invested assets are held physically and securely outside the banking system in Switzerland. This provides increased security, crisis resistance and protects investors against inflation-related losses and against economic and financial crises. Already today, the RealUnit can be held not only as a traditional share, but also as a share token on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Use our inflation calculator to see how much your own savings are affected by inflation and how your purchasing power declines over time.

"Our core investment objective is capital protection and the long-term preservation of real purchasing power, with a strong focus on Swiss investments and on direct ownership of real assets."

Vahan Roth, Founder and CIO RealUnit Switzerland AG


How is the RealUnit invested?

  • Physical metals* (40%)

    - Primarily physical gold and silver
    - Various physical industrial metals

  • Shares (32%)

    - Focus on listed shares from Switzerland
    - Solid companies with crisis-resistant business models and long-standing dividend policies

  • Swiss Francs (physical)* (12%)

  • Nominal assets (8%)

  • Alternative investments (7%)

    - Unlisted shares and alternative funds

  • Crypto (1%)

*stored outside the banking system in Switzerland
Balance as of 12/31/2022

Real assets
Strategic target minimum, as defined by investment guidelines 60%
Currently invested 79%
Outside the banking system
Strategic target minimum, as defined by investment guidelines 50%
Currently invested 51%
Corporate investments
Strategic target maximum, as defined by investment guidelines 50%
Currently invested 39%


Our goals - your advantages

The problem

Your savings are losing purchasing power

Central banks around the world have massively expanded the money supply in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

At the end of 2020, there were about 25% more US dollars in existence than at the beginning of the year! The more units of a state currency there are, the less each unit is worth. Whenever new money is injected into the economy, the value of preexisting money is diluted and the purchasing power of anyone who saves in these currencies is erroded. In such an environment, a savings account that generates no meanignful interest is not a viable option. As the prices of everyday goods and scarce commodities are constantly climbing higher and higher, your savings are steadily losing purchasing power.

Exponential growth of the global money supply:

New record for the largest three central bank balance sheets

the solution

The stable alternative in uncertain times

RealUnit Schweiz AG is a Swiss investment company founded in 2017 and headquartered in Baar. We refer to our share as a “RealUnit”. We pursue the goal of investing in performance-driven and tangible real assets over the long term in order to replicate Switzerland’s GDP growth. We invest the capital entrusted to us prudently, with a long term view and with a clear link to the real economy, as we are convinced that this is the only reliable way to protect our shareholders’ assets in real terms over generations and protect them from a loss of purchasing power.

More information about RealUnit Schweiz AG.

"All people should have the right to have their hard-earned money retain its value over the long term.

The RealUnit's goal is to be a simple investment solution for long-term wealth preservation."

Dani Stüssi, Managing Director RealUnit Schweiz AG

Shares or share tokens

Freedom of choice for storage

“Safety” means different things to different people. While some investors want to keep their shares in a conventional custody account at their bank, others prefer storing them on the blockchain with their own private key. You have the choice:


The share can be held in a traditional securities account and traded on the stock exchange.

Share token

The RealUnit token is a digital representation of the share on the Ethereum Blockchain with the same rights. This comes with some advantages.