Preservation of Value &

Crisis Resistance

Protect your money from inflation and financial crises. Invest in real assets like gold, securely stored outside the banking system in Switzerland.

You no longer believe everything you're told. Neither do we. Despite official inflation figures being low, everything in daily life is getting more expensive. The money in your bank account is continually losing purchasing power. How can you preserve the value of your savings over the long term?

We believe that scarce assets such as gold, silver, or shares in healthy companies with sustainable business models will best preserve the value of your money today and in the future and provide high resilience even in times of crisis.

Stability instead of speculation

RealUnit Schweiz AG is an investment company – by investing in it, you become a shareholder and thus co-owner. We refer to our share as the RealUnit. The RealUnit is particularly suitable for risk-averse investors or it can serve as part of a securities portfolio to strengthen stability. Financial specialists with many years of experience manage your investment with a focus on value preservation. You can sit back and relax.

Sorgenfreie Stabilität genießen
Vermögenssicherung über Generationen

Asset protection over generations

Long-term value retention

Wealth preservation over generations is based on a long-term strategy. Real assets afford protection against inflation, increase stability and offer return opportunities in line with Swiss economic growth (GDP). The investments of RealUnit Schweiz AG are 100% backed by real assets and ensure the long-term protection of your savings.

"Our goal at RealUnit is to protect the assets entrusted to us in the best possible way against crises and loss of purchasing power."


Dani Stüssi, CEO RealUnit Schweiz AG

Experience counts

A strategy that delivers what it promises

The investment strategy is based on decades of experience. It delivers what it promises – as proven many times over during violent fluctuations in the financial markets and in difficult economic times. This eliminates the need for time-consuming research and constant monitoring of the markets and it frees you from the worries that come with having to make your own assessments of the economic landscape. You gain time for the things you like to do.

Finanzstrategie, die hält, was sie verspricht - Symbolbild
Werterhalt bei der Vermögenssicherung mit Sachwerten

free and independent

Investment strategy also as a token on the blockchain

RealUnit combines the advantages of both traditional finance and blockchain technology and is thereby innovative in several ways:

You can choose between a traditional share investment held in a bank custody account or bank-independent share tokens on the blockchain. Our two types of shares are equivalent. With the share token, however, you also gain independence and reclaim your financial sovereignty. Share tokens can be traded here around the clock.

Physical assets

Preserving value even in times of crisis

If you want to protect your savings in the best possible way against a possible financial crisis, you should rely on an investment strategy with real, physical assets that are held outside the banking system. RealUnit Schweiz AG invests for its shareholders in physical gold, silver, industrial metals and banknotes to increase crisis resistance.

Unser physisches Gold wird in Atombunkern sicher verwahrt.


How is the RealUnit invested?

  • Physical metals* (39.4%)

    - 155 kg physical gold
    - 4,895 kg physical silver
    - 13 kg physical platinum
    - Various physical industrial metals

  • Shares (27.4%)

    - Focus on listed stocks mostly from Switzerland
    - Healthy and solid companies with crisis-resistant business models and long-standing dividend policies

  • Swiss Francs (physical)* (12.0%)

    - CHF 4,500,000 in physical banknotes outside the banking system

  • Nominal Assets (11.0%)

    - Short-term liquidity in bank deposits

  • Alternative investments (6.0%)

    - Unlisted stocks and alternative funds

  • Crypto (4.2%)

    - 15 Bitcoin (BTC)
    - 99 Ether (ETH) staked

*stored outside the banking system in Switzerland
Balance as of 31.03.2024

This is why you need the RealUnit

of purchasing power

Real assets afford protection against inflation, increase stability and offer return opportunities in line with Swiss economic growth (GDP).

Use our inflation calculator to see how much you are personally affected by inflation – you will be amazed.

of private property

More than 50% of our assets are stored physically outside the financial system - with the token, you are also completely independent from banks.

Regain your financial sovereignty by ensuring direct and unrestricted access to your assets at all times.

against crises

Our defensive real-asset strategy has been tried and tested for over 20 years and has repeatedly proven its crisis resistance.

The vast majority of investments, in physical gold, silver, cash or industrial metals, offer reliable protection especially during severe corrections in the financial markets.


Our goals - your advantages