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RealUnit Schweiz AG is a public incorporated company

RealUnit Schweiz AG was founded by Karl Reichmuth and Vahan P. Roth in June 2017. Our key investment objectives are capital preservation and the long-term preservation of the real purchasing power of our shareholders. Swiss investments and the direct ownership of tangible assets form the focal point of investment activity. Our investment company structure and our asset allocation strategy, which has been optimized over the past decades, make it possible to react flexibly in the event of a crisis and thus ensure the best possible preservation of the value of the entrusted assets .

We refer to our share as a “RealUnit”. This can be held as traditional share in a custody account or as share token selected on the Ethereum blockchain. RealUnit shares are accessible to savers, small investors and companies.

Dani Stüssi (CEO) and Fidelis Götz (VRP) on the occasion of the listing on the BX Swiss in November 2021

Our values


We comply with Swiss law, are professionally competent and value the privacy of our investors.


We put our investors and their needs at the center of our considerations and actions.


We use new technologies such as DLT and continuously optimize our products and processes.


We respond quickly to market opportunities as they arise. We operate in an agile and flexible manner.


We strive to consume as few resources as possible ourselves and to invest in companies with sustainable business models.

Personal responsibility

We take responsibility for our actions and value independence from the banking system and the state.

We invest the assets entrusted to us prudently, for the long term and with a clear link to the real economy. "We are convinced that this is the only way we can preserve our shareholders' assets in real terms over generations and protect them from a loss of purchasing power."

Vahan Roth, Founder and CIO RealUnit Switzerland AG

Company profile
RealUnit Schweiz AG
Schochenmühlestrasse 6
Commercial register
Legal basis
The company is subject to Swiss law
Business year
Real value retention
Investment universe
Physical precious metals and mostly Swiss property titles
Target return
> Swiss gross domestic product
Legal form
Public incorporated company
Board of Directors
Fidelis Goetz (President)
Dr. David Bodmer (Member)
Anna Muheim (Member)
Christian Zulliger (Member)
Managing Director
Dani Stüssi
Accounting and valuation
Business Trust Auctor Schwyz AG
Balmer-Etienne AG
Share category
Bearer shares (listed), registered shares (tokenized)
Reference currency

Corporate Governance

Investment strategy with clear responsibilities

  • Investment Committee

    The Investment Committee is composed of Fidelis Götz (Chairman), Dani Stüssi (CEO) and Vahan Roth (CIO). It meets at least once per quarter and determines the asset allocation. The committee receives advice and recommendations by a variety of external subject matter experts, whose brief resumes can be viewed at https://realunit.ch/team. The Investment Committee reports to the Board of Directors, while its decisions are implemented by the CIO.

  • Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

    The CIO is charged with executing the decisions of the Investment Committee and is bound by the investment guidelines and restrictions. He is supported by financial analysts and is responsible for the portfolio management and asset selection process to implement the established asset allocation objectives. The CIO outlines and documents the rationale and investment case behind each decision and reports to the Investment Committee on a quarterly basis.

Information for Investors

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Important documents for investors such as semi-annual reports, company profile and more.


How to find us

Bürogebäude Schochenmühlestrasse 6 in Baar

Our office is located on the 1st floor at Schochenmühlestrasse 6 in 6340 Baar.
We are looking forward to your visit. Please make an appointment in advance.