The RealUnit team

Our RealUnit team is composed of experienced professionals, the majority of whom have been dealing with investments and currencies for decades. Thanks to their many years in various positions in the banking and finance sector, they are not only aware of the responsibility that comes with managing assets, but have also actively borne it.


Karl Reichmuth

Karl Reichmuth has been in the banking industry for over 60 years. For more than 20 years, he was a partner in Reichmuth & Co, the private bank he founded in Lucerne. Convinced of the inherent vulnerabilities of the euro, he developed the concept of the RealUnit in 2001. His aim is to leave behind a private parallel currency backed by real values for long-term wealth preservation, for future generations.

Managing Director / CEO

Dani Stüssi

Dani Stüssi was a branch manager at Credit Suisse subsidiary NAB for six years and advised investment clients there as a Certified Wealth Management Advisor (CWMA) since 2007. He completed the CAS Blockchain at HSLU and the CAS Digital Finance and CAS Financial Markets & Valuations at HWZ.

Dietmar Peetz RealUnit CIO


Dietmar Peetz

Dietmar Peetz is an expert in asset protection during times of crisis, with over 30 years of practical experience in the financial markets. He has served as Head of Portfolio Management and Research, as well as Senior Portfolio Manager at renowned financial institutions both domestically and internationally. For several years, he successfully managed the largest European commodity fund at Credit Suisse Asset Management. In 2007, he obtained his doctorate on the subject of financial market instability.

Sales & Business Development Manager

Bojan Jankovic

Bojan Jankovic worked for five years as a certified Wealth Management Advisor (CWMA) at Credit Suisse subsidiary NAB. After studying economics, he initially worked for well-known large corporations in the food and commodity industries before moving into the financial sector.

David Lehner

Head of legal & Compliance

David Lehner

David Lehner worked for more than seven years in the legal department of Credit Suisse, mainly as team leader and legal expert for derivatives and trading issues. He also brings with him practical experience from a large Zurich commercial law firm and he is admitted to the bar of the Canton of Zurich. Additionally, he is an entrepreneur, investor and coach in the CrossFit and fitness sector.

Lisa Bieri


Lisa Bieri

Lisa successfully completed her Swiss Matura in 2022 after leaving school. She gained her first practical experience in a law firm in Lucerne, where she really discovered the joy of the working world. She has also been helping EV Zug in a part-time role since 2021. Lisa supports us in various administrative tasks during a two-year apprenticeship.

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Fidelis Götz

Fidelis Götz studied Political Science / International Relations at the University of St. Gallen (lic.rer.publ.). He has worked in the financial industry for over 25 years, both domestically and internationally. He also contributes his experience as a board member of various financial companies and start-ups, as well as a foundation board member of nonprofit organizations.

Member of the Board of Directors

Dr. David Bodmer

David Bodmer has been active in the finance and legal sector for over 25 years in various functions in Switzerland and abroad. He studied economics and law at the University of St. Gallen, where he received his doctorate (Dr. oec. HSG). David Bodmer is also a CFA Charterholder, attorney and notary.

Anna Muheim

Member of the Board of Directors

Anna Muheim

Anna Muheim has more than 15 years of professional experience. She started her career as a corporate client advisor for a major bank. She advised her clients mainly on start-ups and also handled special subjects, including DLT. She continued her career as a branch manager of a FinTech to then flourish in senior management roles at technology companies. Anna Muheim’s main areas of expertise are company establishment and relocation as well as corporate governance topics. She graduated CAS General Management for Board Members at University of Bern and Certified Board Member Rochester.

Member of the Board of Directors

Christian Zulliger

Christian Zulliger has been working in international financial markets for 10 years. After starting his career in strategy consulting for commodity companies, he was Head of Operations & Risk and Portfolio Manager at a family office. He brings 9 years of experience in DLT markets and today works in corporate development for the leading financial intermediary in digital assets. He studied business administration at the University of St. Gallen, he is intensively involved in monetary theory issues and he is the founder of the Hayek Club in Switzerland.

Investment Committee Specialists

External consultant

Hanspeter Leimgruber

Hanspeter Leimgruber spent 16 years with NEUE AARGAUER BANK as regional manager and member of the extended management team. He has a federal diploma as a bank officer and he is a graduate of the Swiss Banking School and the Swiss Business Management School.

Marcel Schnyder

External consultant

Marcel Schnyder

Marcel Schnyder has worked in the finance and asset management industry for over 20 years. After 6 years at a Swiss Raiffeisenbank, focusing on mortgages and real estate appraisals and a degree in business administration, he led the portfolio management of LGT Capital Management for over 10 years. Most recently, he served as CEO of the traditional asset management arm in Pfäffikon SZ and as CIO of the group. Prior to founding his own firm, specializing in asset allocation consulting for institutional clients and alternative asset innovation, he was engaged as CEO of Reichmuth & Co Investment Management in Lucerne.


Karl Reichmuth

Karl Reichmuth has been in the banking industry for over 60 years. For more than 20 years, he was a partner in Reichmuth & Co, the private bank he founded in Lucerne. Convinced of the inherent vulnerabilities of the euro, he developed the concept of the RealUnit in 2001. His aim is to leave behind a private parallel currency backed by real values for long-term wealth preservation, for future generations.

Expanded team

Claudio Grass

Precious metal expert

Claudio Grass

Claudio Grass supports us with his expertise in precious metals.

Claudio Grass is an independent consultant, publicist and a passionate advocate of free market economics and libertarian philosophy. He follows the teachings of the Austrian School of Economics and believes that sound money and human freedom are inextricably linked. He offers solutions for direct and unencumbered physical ownership of physical precious metals, stored outside the banking system, as the ultimate insurance against the ongoing threats posed by our monetary system. Claudio is also the official ambassador of the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, USA.

Sounding Board

Dr. h.c. Beat Kappeler

Beat Kappeler is a renowned, award-winning Swiss economist and successful book author. He supports the RealUnit team in strategic issues on the Sounding Board.


Martina Schuler

Martina Schuler is our numbers professional and knows every accounting record. She has been supporting the team for years on payroll, tax, social security and financial statement issues.

Eveline Wegmann


Eveline Wegmann & Monique Hafner

Eveline Wegmann and Monique Hafner are your 1st contact persons on the phone. They have many years of experience in customer service. They support the team in administrative tasks and always have an open ear for your concerns.

Markus Ursprung Online Marketing

Marketing and Communications

Markus Ursprung

For our Marketing and Communications needs, we are happy to count on the support of Markus Ursprung, owner of the agency Level 48. Markus worked for Swiss and international financial institutions for over 25 years before starting his own business in 2018. In addition to his work for his agency’s clients, he is also active in startup initiatives.

Katja Möller Grafikdesign Webdesign

Graphic & Web Design

Katja Möller

Katja Möller supports us as a graphic and web designer in marketing.

Gregor Rüdisüli SEO und Google Ads

SEO and Google Ads

Gregor Rüdisüli

Gregor Rüdisüli is a trained computer scientist and he supports us with search engine optimization and Google Ads. He is a proven Google expert and he has been an entrepreneur since 2011 with his company Site IT.