RealUnit Factsheet 3rd quarter 2023

Current key figures, the largest 10 investments and the development of the RealUnit share price. Here you can find our current factsheet.

Crisis Resistance

Performance comparison during stock market corrections

In this long-term comparison you can see the performance of the RealUnit compared to the largest Swiss “balanced” investment funds.

Factsheet Krisenresistenz des RealUnit

Quarterly CIO Report

RealUnit Fairwater Report Q3 2023

Market assessment by our CIO and presentation of one of our investments, released every quarter.

Fairwater Report

Annual Report

Annual Report on the Financial Statements of RealUnit Switzerland AG

Here you can download the annual report and the financial statements according to Swiss GAAP FER incl. the audit report.

RealUnit Geschäftsbericht 2022


Official stock exchange prospectus

Here you will find all detailed information about the issuer RealUnit Schweiz AG. The prospectus was approved by the Admission Board of BX Swiss on May 9, 2023.


RealUnit Statutes

Here you can download the current statutes of RealUnit Switzerland AG.

RealUnit Statuten

Investment guidelines

RealUnit Investment Regulations

Here you can download the current regulations of RealUnit Switzerland AG.

Stock tokens on blockchain

RealUnit Registration Agreement

Here you can download the current registration agreement of RealUnit Schweiz AG.

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