History of the RealUnit

The Idea

Sound money, i.e. money with stable value in the long term, can only be created if it is backed by goods that cannot be multiplied at will and if it is issued by private parties. Karl and Remy Reichmuth first outlined this idea in 2001 in their book "The RealUnit: On the Source of Monetary Stability."

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Pilot project

Karl Reichmuth made the first investment-related implementation of the RealUnit concept in 2001 with part of his private assets over a period of seven years. After the 2008 financial crisis, the investment strategy became even more crisis-resistant.

2001 - 2008

Formation of the Swiss Fund

Karl Reichmuth launched a fund under Swiss law together with Vahan P. Roth in 2010. In this way, they were able to make the currency concept accessible to some friends and acquaintances interested in the basic idea, at least in terms of the "store of value" function.


RealUnit Fund

Legal requirements for fund vehicles prevented Karl Reichmuth and Vahan P. Roth from making long-term investments or acquiring direct ownership titles. The focus on bankable assets distances the fund from the real economy and makes it more vulnerable in the event of a banking or currency crisis. This ran counter to the RealUnit's objective of "crisis resistance."

2010 - 2017

The RealUnit investment company

In 2017, to bring the legal structure in line with the conceptual principles, the two founders decided to dissolve the fund and invest the capital in a new investment company, RealUnit Schweiz AG. Unlike most investment companies, the majority of our assets are liquid and can be traded within a very short time.


The RealUnit token

The RealUnit token, like most crypto assets, is based on the proven Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 standard. Our shareholders can thus already acquire and hold their shares in the form of tokens and thus store them outside the banking system in their own wallet.


Stock Market Listing

In April 2021, the Board of Directors of RealUnit Schweiz AG adopted a growth strategy whose central component was to open up access to the RealUnit to retail investors. Since 29.11.2021 our stock is listed on the BX Swiss and tradable without an investment minimum.

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Stock token marketplace

In June 2022, we became the first listed company in Switzerland to offer our share tokens on our online marketplace. Thus, we create added value for people who want to keep their stake on the blockchain independently of banks. The transfer of share tokens is also possible 24/7.

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Bank stores RealUnit Tokens

The Hypothekarbank Lenzburg is launching its crypto banking offering in October 2023 with the custody of our RealUnit equity tokens. Those who do not want to store their tokens themselves can now delegate this to a regulated Swiss bank.

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