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Unser physisches Gold wird in Atombunkern sicher verwahrt.

Our physical gold is safely stored in nuclear bunkers.


Investing in real assets as a conservative investment strategy

Investing in times of high inflation and strong stock market fluctuations is very challenging. Increasing uncertainty and dwindling confidence in the financial system show that a conservative investment strategy with a strong focus on real assets (e.g. precious metals, real estate, stocks) is a much needed, reliable option. It provides better protection against crises and it also preserves the purchasing power of one’s savings.

Investing in real assets has many advantages. Being defensive and conservative in nature, this type of investment ensures stability and diversification in a portfolio. Scarce, real, tangible assets also cannot be produced at will. It is not possible to “print” gold endlessly, as was the case with fiat money, which led to dramatic currency devaluation. The price of real assets is instead closely connected with the real economy and therefore this strategy offers not only an opportunity for attractive returns, but also protection against inflation.

What is considered a “real” asset?

In the most commonly accepted definition, real assets include primarily real estate, parts of infrastructure and commodities. But also shares in companies that provide a benefit in the real world. Of course, real assets are also subject to price fluctuations and risks, but these are generally lower in the long term than this of other asset classes. There tends to be less liquidity in the market, which leads to less trading activity and therefore greater stability in prices. If you want to invest your money in real assets, you should consider a medium- to long-term time horizon.

An investment strategy superior to a savings account

Investors who are particularly risk-averse do not invest at all and instead leave their savings in their bank accounts out of fear. As a result, they miss out on the opportunity to earn returns, but also, since bank interest rates are much lower than inflation, they also lose purchasing power every year. Our inflation calculator illustrates how high the personal loss of purchasing power is. An investment strategy that invests conservatively, defensively and with a strong focus on real assets is therefore a significantly more interesting alternative. The targeted selection of real assets by professional financial specialists like us offers diversification, stability and increases security in a portfolio. As a result, excessive risks can be avoided, crisis protection can be increased and attractive returns can be achieved.

Real assets as a solid protection against inflation and crises

Real estate is often used as a hedge against inflation, but it is not advisable to invest exclusively in this asset class alone. Prices have been at excessively high levels for some time, which is why institutional investors have already started to sell their holdings. Demand for private residential properties is also likely to fall again due to higher mortgage rates. Therefore, a more sound and safer way to invest would be through a diversified and actively managed strategy that includes various real assets, not only real estate. For years, RealUnit Schweiz AG has relied on these basic principles that are at the core of its investment strategy, which it continuously refines, and thus has delivered solid and consistent results.

Wealth protection with physical metals

Stability instead of speculation

The solution is RealUnit. In order to secure higher stability and to maintain a firm focus on value preservation, not just temporarily but over generations, it is clear that a long-term and crisis-resistant strategy is essential and necessary. The sound and demonstrably affective strategy of RealUnit is based on more than 20 years of experience with real asset investments.

At least half of the investments are held physically and outside the banking system in Switzerland. The focus is on gold, silver and industrial metals. However, RealUnit AG is also invested in predominantly Swiss companies with a solid balance sheet, sustainable earnings and a crisis-resistant business model.

Differences from funds

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For any saver that wishes to invest with caution and prudence, RealUnit offers a great way to do so, as it presents the opportunity to earn a return, while also adding more stability to their portfolio. The company’s investment strategy, with its focus on real assets, aims to protect the invested capital as effectively as possible against inflation and to ensure long-term value preservation, especially in times of crisis. To a great extent, this is achieved thanks to our large allocations in gold, silver and industrial metals. You can invest in RealUnit Schweiz AG through traditional bearer shares, traded on the stock exchange, or by buying registered shares in the form of digital tokens, which also makes you independent from the banking system.