Investment company seeks to protect capital from inflation

For almost two years, the word “inflation” has been increasingly circulating in the media. Now it is real. Inflation rates of up to 8% in the U.S. and the Eurozone, and rising to more than 2% in Switzerland, are causing savers in particular to shudder. After all, funds in savings accounts have long since failed to […]

NZZ: Savings Account Alternative from Central Switzerland

The RealUnit wants to offer investors the necessary stability and security even amid a cloudy outlook and great uncertainty. By Roberto Stefano, published in NZZ am Sonntag (Sponsored Content) With its shares and tokens, RealUnit Schweiz AG wants to offer private individuals the opportunity to invest their savings in a crisis-resistant and value-preserving manner. Allocations […]

Long-term value preservation for your savings

By Markus Ursprung / Published on various media platforms The RealUnit is a real alternative to savings accounts. By investing in real assets, you can protect your saving against inflation and loss of value. For years, savings in bank accounts have hardly earned any interest, and large credit balances have even been charged negative interest. […]

IPO 2021 – RealUnit Switzerland AG | BX Swiss TV Published on 29.11.2021 on BX TV Since November 29, 2021, the investment company RealUnit Schweiz AG is listed on the BX Swiss and thus tradable for investors. Dani Stüssi, CEO of RealUnit Schweiz AG, explains the central investment principles of the investment company in an interview with Matthias Müller, Head Sales & Services of […]

NZZ: Inflation protection from central Switzerland

Lucerne-based private banker Karl Reichmuth is the brains behind RealUnit. | Photo by Pius Amrein / Neue LZ By Werner Grundlehner | Published in Neue Zürcher Zeitung on 30.11.2021 An enterprising banker takes an investment company public whose purpose is to preserve purchasing power. At least half of the investments consist of cash and precious […]

RealUnit Schweiz brings capital protection to the stock market

Dani Stüssi, CEO, and Fidelis Götz, VRP, of RealUnit Schweiz AG are pleased about the successful listing on BX Swiss Published on 29.11.2021 on The shares of the investment company RealUnit Schweiz made their premiere on the SME exchange BX Swiss. RealUnit, based in Baar (ZG), is broadly invested in real assets. The company’s […]