Investment company seeks to protect capital from inflation

For almost two years, the word “inflation” has been increasingly circulating in the media. Now it is real. Inflation rates of up to 8% in the U.S. and the Eurozone, and rising to more than 2% in Switzerland, are causing savers in particular to shudder. After all, funds in savings accounts have long since failed to […]

The RealUnit concept explained

Interview on Stricker TV Our CEO Dani Stüssi explains in an interview with Daniel Stricker the concept of the RealUnit and how it delivered a solid perfomance over the last weeks in contrast to the wider market losses triggered by the war in Ukraine. Use our inflation calculator to calculate how strongly you yourself […]

RealUnit Schweiz brings capital protection to the stock market

Dani Stüssi, CEO, and Fidelis Götz, VRP, of RealUnit Schweiz AG are pleased about the successful listing on BX Swiss Published on 29.11.2021 on The shares of the investment company RealUnit Schweiz made their premiere on the SME exchange BX Swiss. RealUnit, based in Baar (ZG), is broadly invested in real assets. The company’s […]

New currencies in sight

Karl Reichmuth, founder of Reichmuth & Co and co-founder of RealUnit Schweiz AG presented his new book “New Currencies in Sight” to the public on June 21, 2021. It bluntly addresses the major problems of today’s monetary system, which is increasingly reaching its limits. The RealUnit is described in one chapter as a proven way […]

Entering the market with new management team

The independent investment company RealUnit Schweiz AG, headquartered in Baar, has made key appointments to its Board of Directors and management. Fidelis Götz took over as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Dani Stüssi will be responsible for operations as the new Managing Director. At the Annual General Meeting on April 24, 2021, Dr. David […]