IPO 2021 – RealUnit Switzerland AG | BX Swiss TV

30. November 2021

Published on 29.11.2021 on BX TV

Since November 29, 2021, the investment company RealUnit Schweiz AG is listed on the BX Swiss and thus tradable for investors. Dani Stüssi, CEO of RealUnit Schweiz AG, explains the central investment principles of the investment company in an interview with Matthias Müller, Head Sales & Services of BX Swiss. With the listing on BX Swiss, all Swiss-based savers and private investors now have easy access to the real asset investments of RealUnit Schweiz AG. Dani Stüssi goes on to explain how the investment company manages to react flexibly in times of crisis.

Mehr Kredite erteilt als Geldeinlagen erhalten - Bankenkrise

Banking crisis: More loans granted than cash deposits received

Once again, a banking crisis is raging – in the US, at CS Switzerland – and clients are emptying their accounts. They fled to other banks, or away from banks altogether and into cash. Since banks are lending more money than they have in deposits, they are all poorly financed. An individual bank is a risk, but all banks as a whole are a systemic risk. The flight of customers away […]

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