Does Bitcoin have what it takes to become digital gold?

17. February 2020

Article by Claudio Grass, Business Development, RealUnit Schweiz AG, published in Crypto Valley Journal

Much like the decentralized knowledge platform that is the Internet, cryptocurrencies can offer decentralized stores of value and means of payment. Not only are gold and bitcoin very similar in their characteristics, but first and foremost, they are both spontaneous results of the free market. Claudio Grass’ thoughts on the new digital age can be found here:

Mehr Kredite erteilt als Geldeinlagen erhalten - Bankenkrise

Banking crisis: More loans granted than cash deposits received

Once again, a banking crisis is raging – in the US, at CS Switzerland – and clients are emptying their accounts. They fled to other banks, or away from banks altogether and into cash. Since banks are lending more money than they have in deposits, they are all poorly financed. An individual bank is a risk, but all banks as a whole are a systemic risk. The flight of customers away […]

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