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Reports in 2022

NZZ: Savings Account Alternative from Central Switzerland

Published in January 2022 | With its shares and tokens, RealUnit Schweiz AG wants to offer private individuals the opportunity to invest their savings in a crisis-resistant and value-preserving manner. Allocations in real assets are intended to protect the investments from inflation and loss of purchasing power in the long term.

FuW: Savers are being officially expropriated

Published in January 2022 | Karl Reichmuth in an interview with “FINANZ und WIRTSCHAFT”. Karl Reichmuth, founder of RealUnit, wants to protect savers from inflation and the excesses of central banks.

Crypto Valley Journal: Does Bitcoin have what it takes to become digital gold?

Published in February 2022 | Much like the decentralized knowledge platform that is the Internet, cryptocurrencies can offer decentralized stores of value and means of payment. Not only are gold and bitcoin very similar in their characteristics, but first and foremost, they are both spontaneous results of the free market. Claudio Grass’ thoughts on the new digital age can be found here:

Schweizer Monat: "Purchasing power will decrease massively in the long term"

Published in February 2022 | Studio Schweizer Monat #34: Inflation is back. Dani Stüssi, CEO of RealUnit Schweiz, talks about protecting assets in times of inflation, the difficult challenges facing central banks and gold in the Gotthard massif. Investment company seeks to protect capital from inflation

Published in May 2022 | For almost two years, the word “inflation” has been increasingly circulating in the media. Now it is real. Inflation rates of up to 8% in the U.S. and the Eurozone, and rising to more than 2% in Switzerland, are causing savers in particular to shudder. After all, funds in savings accounts have long ceased to yield a return, and often rates are still at zero, depending on the amount of one’s savings. For the investor, this means a real loss of capital.

BX TV: Effects of inflation - TV interview

Published in September 2022 | In an interview on BX TV, Dani Stüssi, CEO of RealUnit Schweiz AG explains how investor demand has changed due to inflation and what makes RealUnit Schweiz AG special.

Daniel Stüssi interviewed by

Published in November 2022 | Dani Stüssi in an interview about the RealUnit.

Schweizer Monat: Bad policy leads to bad money

Published in November 2022 | The unbacked money system that emerged 50 years ago has increased the opportunities for politicians to use the currency for their own purposes. Due to the massive debt accumulation and the surge in inflation, it is now reaching its limits.


Reports in 2021

Luzerner Zeitung: Money should become "tangible" again

Published July 2021 | by Maurizio Minetti. Banker Karl Reichmuth is entering the market with a company that wants to offer a kind of private currency alternative. Anyone who hoards money in a savings account will become poorer in the long term. Because of low interest rates, banks charge so-called “credit balance fees” for larger amounts. So their capital slowly evaporates in the long term. “The money we have today has lost its value preservation function,” says Daniel Stüssi. The 47-year-old has headed RealUnit Schweiz AG, based in Baar, since April. This young company has a vision, as Stüssi explains: “Our goal is to be a simple investment solution for long-term wealth preservation.”

Die Weltwoche: In the past, they used fattenned pigs - what can we use today?

Published August 2021 | Is inflation coming now? This is the question most investors, economists and politicians are currently asking. They are looking nervously at recent price increases in the U.S. and Germany, where inflation data jumped above 2 percent, usually considered the threshold for price stability. The debate is also becoming more intense in everyday life, among craftsmen and industrial entrepreneurs, whose procurement prices have soared by ten or more percent this year, depending on the situation, and the extra costs have somehow had to be passed on to customers.

NZZ: Inflation protection from central Switzerland

Published November 2021 | An enterprising banker takes an investment company public with the aim to preserve purchasing power. At least half of the investments consist of cash and precious metals. RealUnit Schweiz brings capital protection to the stock market

Published November 2021 | The shares of the investment company RealUnit Schweiz made their debut on the SME exchange BX Swiss. RealUnit, based in Baar (ZG), is broadly invested in real assets. The company’s goal is the long-term preservation of real purchasing power.


Reports in 2019

Schweizer Monat: After the money is before the money

Published February 2019 | How the digitalization of assets could necessitate a new concept of money.

By Fabio Andreotti

NZZ: The monetary system is not sustainable in this form

Published in July 2019 | Interview with Karl Reichmuth in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Private banker Karl Reichmuth recommends that investors look for value instead of fixating on prices.

Investing with foresight: interest rates are and will remain fundamentally important

Published in September 2019 | Interview with Karl Reichmuth in “Anlegen mit Weitsicht”. Karl Reichmuth, one of the last bankers, and Vahan P. Roth, founder of RealUnit Schweiz AG, talk about zero interest rates, trust in central banks, the national bankruptcy that led to the French Revolution, the role of shares in the crisis and the goals of the private currency called RealUnit.

Smart Investor: Money is always trust – Interview with Karl Reichmuth and Vahan P. Roth

Published November 2019 | Smart Investor spoke with RealUnit thought leaders, Swiss private banker Karl Reichmuth and RealUnit CEO Vahan P. Roth, on the sidelines of the 2019 Düsseldorf Monetary Conference about the importance of the monetary system, its crisis stability and possible alternatives.


Reports in 2017

Parallel currencies as an alternative – Karl Reichmuth

November 2017 | The Friedrich A. von Hayek Society and the European Center for Austrian Economics Foundation hosted an expert conference on parallel currencies in Düsseldorf on November 15, 2017. Presentations and discussions examined whether relevant blockchain applications and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin already constitute denationalized money in the sense of private alternative currencies, as envisioned by Friedrich August von Hayek, what further developments are on the horizon and what opportunities this new kind of money, which is independent of central banks, can offer in the future.


Reports in 2012

Smart Investor interview with Karl Reichmuth: "The state can't do it!"

Published in April 2012 | “The state can’t do it!” – Smart Investor spoke with Karl Reichmuth, President and General Partner of the Swiss private bank Reichmuth & Co. about the idea of the RealUnit as a means of preserving purchasing power and the urgently needed return to personal responsibility.