Purchasing power decreases massively with inflation

11. February 2022

Published: 11.2.2022 in Studio Libero by: Der Schweizer Monat

In an interview with Studio Libero, our CEO Dani Stüssi explains what inflation is and why it causes such a sharp drop in purchasing power. Calculate with our inflation calculator how much you are personally affected: realunit.ch/en/inflation-calculator. Information on inflation and inflation-proof investments: realunit.ch/en/inflation-protection

BX TV: Auswirkungen der Inflation - TV Interview

BX TV: Effects of inflation – TV interview

Video Interview with Dani Stüssi on the impact of inflation, published on 8.9.2022 on BX TV. In the interview on BX TV, Dani Stüssi, CEO of RealUnit Switzerland AG explains how investor demand has changed due to inflation and what makes RealUnit Switzerland AG special.

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