Purchasing power decreases massively with inflation

11. February 2022

Published: 11.2.2022 in Studio Libero by: Der Schweizer Monat

In an interview with Studio Libero, our CEO Dani Stüssi explains what inflation is and why it causes such a sharp drop in purchasing power. Calculate with our inflation calculator how much you are personally affected: realunit.ch/en/inflation-calculator. Information on inflation and inflation-proof investments: realunit.ch/en/inflation-protection

Mehr Kredite erteilt als Geldeinlagen erhalten - Bankenkrise

Banking crisis: More loans granted than cash deposits received

Once again, a banking crisis is raging – in the US, at CS Switzerland – and clients are emptying their accounts. They fled to other banks, or away from banks altogether and into cash. Since banks are lending more money than they have in deposits, they are all poorly financed. An individual bank is a risk, but all banks as a whole are a systemic risk. The flight of customers away […]

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