Parallel currencies as an alternative – Karl Reichmuth

20. November 2017

The Friedrich A. von Hayek Society and the European Center for Austrian Economics Foundation hosted an expert conference on parallel currencies in Düsseldorf on Nov. 15, 2017. Presentations and discussions examined whether relevant blockchain applications and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin already constitute denationalized money in the sense of the private alternative currencies, as envisioned by Friedrich August von Hayek, what further developments are on the horizon and what opportunities this new kind of money, which is independent of central banks, can offer in the future. Can the dangers of inflation of fiat money curtailed by these currencies? What can you do today to be prepared for tomorrow’s monetary landscape? What are the dangers you need to look out for?

BX TV: Auswirkungen der Inflation - TV Interview

BX TV: Effects of inflation – TV interview

Video Interview with Dani Stüssi on the impact of inflation, published on 8.9.2022 on BX TV. In the interview on BX TV, Dani Stüssi, CEO of RealUnit Switzerland AG explains how investor demand has changed due to inflation and what makes RealUnit Switzerland AG special.

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