RealUnit Schweiz brings capital protection to the stock market

29. November 2021

Dani Stüssi, CEO, and Fidelis Götz, VRP, of RealUnit Schweiz AG are pleased about the successful listing on BX Swiss

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The shares of the investment company RealUnit Schweiz made their premiere on the SME exchange BX Swiss. RealUnit, based in Baar (ZG), is broadly invested in real assets. The company’s goal is the long-term preservation of real purchasing power.

Crisis resistance with gold and other real assets. The real value of money has declined sharply, says company founder and private banker Karl Reichmuth. The investment company RealUnit Schweiz is invested in a broadly diversified portfolio of real assets, such as precious metals and investments in companies with strong balance sheets and sustainable earnings.

The Swiss public limited company was founded in the summer of 2017 and is based in Baar (ZG). The conservative and broadly invested assets are intended to offer savers and private investors increased security and resistance to crises. At least half will be held in physical form and safely stored outside the banking system in Switzerland, according to the company.

“Rising inflation is increasing demand for tangible assets,” says CEO Dani Stüssi. With the listing, all Swiss-based savers and private investors now have easy access to broadly diversified and actively managed real assets.

“The listing is an important milestone in the 20-year history of the RealUnit,” emphasizes the founder of RealUnit Schweiz, long-time Lucerne private banker Karl Reichmuth. “The real value of money has declined sharply since the dissolution of the gold backing in 1971, and the gap between rich and poor is widening. I want to leave the next generation a parallel currency backed by real assets for long-term wealth preservation.”

This September, the company successfully carried out a capital increase of over CHF 5 million. The Investment Committee was expanded with Hanspeter Leimgruber and Erwin Röösli: Leimgruber was regional manager and member of the extended management of Neue Aargauer Bank (NAB) for 16 years; Röösli has been managing director of a family office and owner of his own financial consultancy in Lucerne for more than ten years; Fidelis Götz is Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The RealUnit can be held not only as a traditional share, but also as a share token on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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